Stagsden Broadband

  • Broadband Survey Summary & Update 2017 
    •      77.6% of people use Standard Broadband
    •      54.5% getting less than 1MB. 
    •      Needless to say approximately 73% of people said this was insufficient for their needs
    •     The latest update on the Bedford Borough Fibre broadband project is that Phase 2 which covers Stagsden should be completed by Sept. 2017.  
    •    Faster Broadband is Available Now
      • Most Internet providers can already provide a fibre option to residents living in Bedford Rd and Part of the High Street.  Whilst superfast speeds are not possible, speeds of between 5-15MB can be achieved.  In order to get faster broadband you would need to upgrade to a Fibre option and would need to check with your provider on what they can provide and the cost.
      • Some villagers use a 4G solution which seems to give speeds of approx. 10MB+.  This type of service is provided by most mobile phone providers who offer a Home or Business broadband package.   This maybe another option to explore, if you want a faster internet speed.  

Superfast Broadband Information


 For more information and to check potential speed for your property, you can go to :                                                and follow the appropriate links.