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Update from Bromham Village Agent

Since becoming your Village agent in September 2011, I have visited many Bromham residents to give them advice on a whole range of topics from advice on home security, to assistance with writing wills. I would like to thank everyone I have met for making me feel so welcome.

In my last newsletter article I focussed on Pension Credits, & have been able to assist a number of residents with this. If you are a pensioner & your total income is less than £137.95 per week (or £209.70 for a couple), you are probably eligible, but you have to make a claim – you won’t automatically receive it. Give me a call if you need help or advice.

This time I would like to focus on Attendance Allowance, as I have met many people who do not realise they are eligible for this. This allowance is NOT means tested so your financial position is not a consideration. The allowance is for anyone over 65 who is experiencing genuine difficulty with their day to day personal care. Perhaps you have severe arthritis in your hands which makes getting dressed very difficult, or maybe you have mobility problems that make getting in & out of bed very difficult. Maybe you have a heart condition that makes it very difficult for you to get to the bathroom, or perhaps arthritic arms mean you find preparing meals very difficult. If you are eligible you will receive between £51 & £77 per week added to your pension. It is not restricted to one application per household – each applicant is considered individually. You do not need declare what you spend it on, but hopefully you will be able to spend it on the provision of aids & assistance to make your life a little easier. Just give me a call if you need some help or advice.

Free “Message in a Bottle” – I have a number of these to give away to anyone who needs one. These are the green & white plastic bottles you can put in your fridge with all your essential personal details in, & they can be a life saver in a medical emergency. If you would like one, please just give me a call.

Village Agents are a free service, here to help you when you don’t really know where to turn. We are sponsored by Bedford Borough Council, Bedfordshire NHS, & Bedfordshire Fire Service.

If you need help or advice about anything at all, or know someone else who does, please just ask us by calling your Village Agent free on 0800 039 1234

Gill – Bromham Village Agent

16:38, 06 Feb 2014 by Julie Betts